PO.DAAC W10n-sci Data Product Repository

Webification for Science is a special form of Webification (w10n), a data virtualization technology that facilitates a full exposure of arbitrary data store in a hierarchical way.

Often shortened as w10n-sci, it extends the base w10n for scientific data stores, such as HDF 4 and 5, versions of netCDF, etc. It uses meaningful and user-friendly URLs to address store inner components and make them directly accessible through self-describing ReSTful web service.

At PO.DAAC, we make our products accessible through w10n-sci web service, using Pomegranate, a python implementation of w10n-sci.

To learn the technical aspect of w10-sci, please visit this howto document that describes its service Application Programming Interface (API) in detail. A complete example of year-long time series extracting and plotting, using w10n-sci service, is available with full source code in python at this link.

To access data products via w10n-sci service, please go to /allData